Jan. 4th, 2010

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The last couple days have been the busiest ever! On January 2nd I was working at the Youth Centre in the afternoon, then Eleonora had her birthday and we were out for dinner, eating pizza and celebrating with her. I had a pizza with cheese topping that I'd not eaten for a long while: it was so yummy!!!
Yesterday I was a busy bee. In the morning we met at 8.30 at the church with Ricky, Luana and some kids and we went to the old people's home in downtown where we sang at the Mass with the oldies and then played the puppet show once again and Ricky and "his" kids played some Christmas music to them. Those oldies were so happy that we were there and had so much fun, even if the puppet show was not that good (we had only got 4 kids coming with us, and they had to play some 9 parts of the show...no wonders it wasn't the best show ever!) ! There was an old lady who was smiling all the time long and even clapping her hands and holding hands with two other oldies during some songs. It gave us joy to see them happy, but it felt somewhat melancholic too, because those people must be very lonely there. One lady told us to please go back to visit them again because they so much need our company, it was such a cry for help! I took lots of piccies and some of them are absolutely beautiful.
In the afternoon I was at the Youth Centre again, from 4 pm to 7.30pm. There were quite a lot of teenies coming but everything was quiet and we had a nice afternoon to go through.Anyway I was so busy yesterday that I hardly turned on the pc and it is so unlike me!
Today I will make sure I have a night in and an early night on top of that!
I went shopping in the morning and got everything needed to fill the stockings for my sis and Ricky on 6th. I got chocolates, sweets and a small booklet for Monica and an electric toothbrush (it'll come in handy with all of those sweets *lol*) and a running Adidas suit for Ricky. It is the last holiday of the X-mas season, the Epiphany, and I want it to rock!!! 
I am still reading Hold Tight, and I like it to bits! I got "Love in the time of cholera" today at the supermarket, it was cheap and I couldn't help it: I had to get it!!! 
It's snowing today, but it won't hopefully set since the ground is all wet... This weather constantly changing surely isn't helping my cold! I am still with a running nose... Awful!
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