Jan. 1st, 2010

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How's the New Year started with you all?! Mine was really wet. Man (!), it was raining pretty heavy yesterday night when we greeted the new year at midnight and it almost spoilt the fireworks show, and today it is pouring down with the heaviest rain ever!!! Really, I can't remember of a New Year as wet as this one!!!
I slept 2 hours today, from 6.30am when I was back home from the Church Youth Centre, to 8.15am when I had to wake up because I urgently needed the loo. I think I shouldn't have drank any red wine (or any wine at all!) yesterday night, that I still wasn't 100% ok... I now have a light heartburnt but nothing too unbearable. It won't surely spoil my lunch today!
I plan on spending the day with writing a letter (working on Eva's at the moment) and then going on with the gripping thriller I started yesterday evening "Hold tight" by Harlan Coben. If the plot stays like this I will have to list it among the best books read in 2010 already! lol*
At 6pm  I am meeting mates at the Youth Centre because we need to do some bits and pieces to have it all clean and shiny again after the party. And we'll be dining together tonight because we've got lots (and I seriously mean it!) of leftovers that we could feed another 20 people off (anyone wanna join us?! You're welcome!)!!!
The party yesterday night was fun, the dinner was fullfilling and tasty and we seriously ate too much! We then played some board games, starting with Tabu (that's always big fun, if played with some smart people!) and Wherewolves, the role play game we are so fond of, that I was the master of. Finally, farmers won but I admitt the wolves played such a great match!
Time to get ready for the 11.30 Mass...Gotta go! Happy New Year everyone once again, may this year be bright and happy and lucky and lots of other good things for everyone of us!

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