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Oh, my holiday wishlist would be sooooo long to even be listed down! lol* Most of all I would like to spend a happy Xmas,in spite of a recent loss and in spite of ups and downs life gives us. 
On a more trivial side, I would really love a pair of camper sneakers that I saw online on camper official site and are unavailable in Italy: they are purple in color and with multicolo drawings...So lovely!

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Being a Catholic, I celebrate December the 8th, the Annunciation of the Angel to the Virgin that she's with a baby boy, the Son of God. We usually go to Mass on that day and spend the day decorating the house for Xmas: most families put up a tree and a nativity. The day is usually spent at home with family. 
Of course, for the same reason as before, I also celebrate December 25th, Xmas day. It starts at midnight in the night between 24th and 25th when there's the Holy Mass. Then we exhange pressies with friends in front of the church and are never home untill 2 am. We have a big lunch with family and have a few hours rest in the afternoon before we go back to eat a big dinner with family again. Xmas days can ben tiresome, but it's my favourite day ever!
We're off work on 26th also, but I wouldn't say we really celebrate it. We rather spend the day at home, eating leftovers and reading, watching tv and (me) writing. 
Then comes December the 31st, when we celebrate Silvester's. I think I celebrate this one because it'd not be considered as "normal" not to! But I am not one for Silvester's, not at all! Anyway, we usually have a big dinner (yes, in Italy we're all about with friends. Usually we cook it ourselves so that we save money. We end the year eating and start into the new year toasting with sparkly wine and then playing card games and role games and board games untill the crack of dawn! 
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 Oh, it's not really an allergy, rather an intolerance (even if it's quite severe): I am lactose intolerant. It also gives me severe stomach cramps and I even ended up throwing up in public once because of some hidden lactose in a restaurant dish that wasn't supposed to contain any! I tell you, it's not fun! Did you know that most food contains lactose?! Apart from cheese, milk, cream, yogurt, ice-cream...I am not allowed to eat most cookies, hamburger, chips (!), sausages, smoked ham, chocolate (!!!!), sandwiches bread and other foods I can't remember of right now... Still I am glad I finally found out what's that made my life so miserable after months of trying selective diets!  [Error: unknown template qotd]
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Among my three most favourite foods I would list:

pizza, lasagne and french fries.. unluckily if my suspected lactose intolerance is proved true I will be forced to change my fave ones priority, since pizza and lasagne will be offlimits for little me! So, given a lactose intolerance, I would list 3 foods as it follows: french fries, spinach and (how comes I cannot really think of a fave 3rd food?!?) .. and .. pineapple, I got it! Looks pretty sad of a favourite list, huh?!

3 least favourite food.. that i think should mean food i don't really like:

artichokes are a big NO-NO with me here, 2nd rank in my least fave food list goes to olives (unless it is fried  green olives filled with minced meat we talk that case I like them!), last but not least is fish (again an exception is made for tuna in tins and seafood).
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 first of all they would of course say that I am a real bookworm! i have shelves full of books and my friend ilaria always says that visiting my room is like taking a tour of a library.. lol* this is of course my proud and joy!
you'd surely get it that i am an english geek, because half the books i own are in english. and you'd probably say that i am organized and tidy, because my books are ordered in descending order according to their height.. people would surely get it that i am omnivore, as i read anything.. as long as it is prose! they would get it that i rather buy paperbacks than hardcovers. of course you probably wouldn't get it why i do it.. i buy paperbacks because i love to live my books to the fullest, i bring them everywhere, bend the spine, turn the pages, read when eating, when in bed, when walking and even when at the loo.. :) and my books mustn't stay like new, but have to proudly show their owner's activity from their outside look. 
last but not least people would get it by taking a close look to my books that i am a compulsive shopping addict when it is about books! i own over 80 books to be read on my shelves, yet you can find new titles almost weekly if you come to my personal library! :)

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