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Yesterday night I went with Ricky to his coworker's home. Another posh house to start with, and I already was not in the best of moods I admitt it...I am not good at hiding it when I am pissed off or feel not at ease with someone...My fault!
The dinner was nothing special, and they were all laughing about nonsenses and at some point I felt like I was on the verge of tears! I'd just realized that Ricky spends more time with those people than he does with me and they (all girls) were calling him silly names... It was driving me crazy and I had to behave not to burst in tears... Sometimes I wonder if it is the right thing to live the lives we do...Confused matter I know... I was confused yesterday night and I didn't like it that they were calling MY boyfriend those silly names and being that much in confidence with him... I hate it especially because I know how Ricky usually is a reserved person... I felt just blah yesterday night and I was still feeling weird today morning.

Today was pretty a busy day for me: I worked 9-12 in the morning doing some minor tasks at the CSI office. I rushed back home, where Rolly was waiting for me, we went out for a short walk and then again back home to cook lunch. Afte lunch I went outside with Rolly and played with him for some 20 minutes. I must do that because he'd otherwise try to spend time chewing random things at home (last time he did something of the like he did it with mom's book and she wasn't pleased with it!). At 3 I was at the Youth Centre in my suburb where I had to first tutor the kids who were doing homework 'till 5. I had to prepare a snack for them after that. The afternoon ended with me watching them playing the PS2 untill 6.30. When they (finally) went home I cleaned up everything at the Centre and hurried back home. I am now in my pj and I think it won't be long before I go to bed. I am pretty tired today but it is not surprise when I'm a busy bee everyday!

I have still got 7 letters to reply and I feel awful about it, but I can't put myself to writing in the evening. Tomorrow morning I am at home and I will give writing a try.
Reading isn't going much better, still stuck on Rhett Butler's people, because of lack of spare time (it's a good book really). Will read half an hour before falling asleep.

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