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Long long time not updated... I have been going through a rough time and actually didn't feel like writing at all. So I basically had an off period of more than one month when I had no letters, no journal, no writing at all! It wasn't like me at all!
I am now feeling a bit better, on a more cheerful mood and feel like telling my best friends (via mail) about my feelings and what's been going on in my life so far. I have already written to
[info]badmadnad and posted the letter today (I admitt it being rubbish because not only it is written in parts but she had to deal with my ups and downs... but after all this is the downside of being my bestie!)  and I am now working on[info]litarana 's mail. We've got lots to catch up on! Next one will be[info]kriss81 to be written. That's for sure and then I have got another 2 and I have written to everyone. Mind you, I make it sound an easy thing to write this lot, but it'll actually take weeks before I am officially done with replies. I am such a slow writer and having so little spare time isn't helping!
But I swear I will do my best to be as fast as I can!
I am done with reading a good few books since I last updated. I read "Marley&Me", "Veil of Roses", "Dewey: the small town library cat who touched the world", "The lovely bones" and I started yesterday "L'amore e gli stracci del tempo" that is by an Albanian author called Anilda Ibrahimi who writes in Italian and I am not at all sure is translated in any other languages. Today I noticed that there's a new Edward Rutherford's book issued about New York this time and I think I must have it! 
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Yesterday night I went with Ricky to his coworker's home. Another posh house to start with, and I already was not in the best of moods I admitt it...I am not good at hiding it when I am pissed off or feel not at ease with someone...My fault!
The dinner was nothing special, and they were all laughing about nonsenses and at some point I felt like I was on the verge of tears! I'd just realized that Ricky spends more time with those people than he does with me and they (all girls) were calling him silly names... It was driving me crazy and I had to behave not to burst in tears... Sometimes I wonder if it is the right thing to live the lives we do...Confused matter I know... I was confused yesterday night and I didn't like it that they were calling MY boyfriend those silly names and being that much in confidence with him... I hate it especially because I know how Ricky usually is a reserved person... I felt just blah yesterday night and I was still feeling weird today morning.

Today was pretty a busy day for me: I worked 9-12 in the morning doing some minor tasks at the CSI office. I rushed back home, where Rolly was waiting for me, we went out for a short walk and then again back home to cook lunch. Afte lunch I went outside with Rolly and played with him for some 20 minutes. I must do that because he'd otherwise try to spend time chewing random things at home (last time he did something of the like he did it with mom's book and she wasn't pleased with it!). At 3 I was at the Youth Centre in my suburb where I had to first tutor the kids who were doing homework 'till 5. I had to prepare a snack for them after that. The afternoon ended with me watching them playing the PS2 untill 6.30. When they (finally) went home I cleaned up everything at the Centre and hurried back home. I am now in my pj and I think it won't be long before I go to bed. I am pretty tired today but it is not surprise when I'm a busy bee everyday!

I have still got 7 letters to reply and I feel awful about it, but I can't put myself to writing in the evening. Tomorrow morning I am at home and I will give writing a try.
Reading isn't going much better, still stuck on Rhett Butler's people, because of lack of spare time (it's a good book really). Will read half an hour before falling asleep.
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I am off work today: I love Mondays! I probably am one of the very few people in the world who like Mondays, but it can't be different because it means day off! My worst day is no doubts Tuesday, because then I am working morning AND afternoon...

Saturday was the busiest day ever, I was busy with the Youth Centre staff morning, afternoon AND evening... I had lots of fun that must be said, there were my friends, we took LOTS of pictures and we had a blast all night long. I would have liked to go home earlier still, because 2 am is very late in the night, especially when you'd woken up at 6am in the morning and you can't sleep late the following day... We had a fancy party at the Youth Centre on Saturday night and it took hours to get everything organized, but it was worth the huge amount of job, because the party was great and we had fun. I wore a dress, yes I  said a dress! Of course it wasn't mine, but I had borrowed mom's dress, I looked girly I think. It was my first time wearing a skirt since I was a teen at middle school and my first time wearing a dress in ages (I think mom dresses me really girly when I was like 4y.o. but I can't remember wearing a dress, so I must have been a kid the last time I did). Of course it felt awkward, but eventually I made it through the whole night with that thing on and it even made me wonder (for a while, don't worry I am back to my usual not-so-girly self again) if I needed to get more girly with wearing dresses, skirts and make up... LOL* I can't but posting a photo on here, because it is such a memory: me with a dress, I mean... ME! 
evidence )

I was upset yesterday night. Some of you already know that I have been a member of a penpal forum for some time now. I have made some good friends on there and I have always felt home there and liked it pretty much. I have been busy lately and missed some threads on there. I didn't imagine that so much had been going on, but yesterday I got an invitation to join another forum of penpals that I did. When there I couldn't but notice that it was so much alike the one I usually browse through. I didn't like it, it was an obvious copy of the other forum and I don't really like copycat people! (yes, Nad, of course I don't like you! LOL) I noticed that the moderator of this forum was a (former) member of the other forum. A newby on the other forum, actually. I went back to MY forum (I like to call it my forum, because it is where I belong) and asked one of the admins what was going on and I got an explanation of the whole matter: allegedly some members have been arguing (over some misunderstandments I think) and some people left the forum and created another one (they must have done with some more creativity because they simply copied the threads titles from the other forum and this is unfair of them!) were they would meet. Some other people were banned from the old forum because of that. I asked the new (copied) forum moderator to please delete me from there because I didn't feel like going on with it, but she wouldn't delete my account... Aw! It's silly to argue like that and I don't like people backstabbing others... And I don't want to be on that new forum anymore... I felt so disappointed yesterday and I wanted to leave both forums, but then I thougth I had nothing to do with the whole matter and I could still stay in the old forum and enjoy it as much as I've always had! Blah to people who mess with others' lives!

I am TERRIBLY behind with letters: I owe 6 to Nad, Magalie, Julia, Krissie, Outi and Leanne... Awful of me, I know! I will try and have at least one written today that I am off.

Books-wise I am reading Rhett Butler's People at the moment, that I pretty much like, because I can see things from Rhett's point of view for a chance and I like it! The New Yorkers was as disappointing as I had foreseen, I went through it one night I was in, looking forward to being finished with it. I have already sent it to the States, to a fellow mooch-er.

I won't go to the theatre on Wednesday because I have a compulsory meeting at the Sports Centre...Boohooo! At first I was feeling so gloomy and angry, but now I have given it up and am ok with missing "Grease". Ricky asked his parents if they like to go instead of us, so we may get our money back. It'd be just too much to stand had we lost our money.

Tonight I am going to Ricky's fellow worker's home for dinner. Of course I wasn't happy going because I just can't stand those girls (too cheecky and snoobish to my likings...but then I am a real bitch!) but Ricky wanted me to go and I would have felt too guilty had I not attended the dinner...Hope it won't be too awful a night! Hopefully it won't last long, because tomorrow we'll be working and we can't have a late night... Think of me tonight!
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WOW! Time's fastening and I can't believe we already are on 13th and I still think of New Year's Eve as yesterday!
I've been a busy bee in the last few days. I had lots to do (and still have plenty of things to do!) at the Youth Centres I work at and I also had to fullfill my parents' wish and go with mom to the mall and buy a new jacket.
It was a nightmarish week the past one because of staff meeting lasting till 2am (when I had to be up by 7 on the following morning and be at the Sports Centre by 9), and on Friday I had a night out with Ilaria (that was due to be over early, but actually we didn't make it to be home till 1.30am) and last but not least on Saturday night I went to a gig (an Italian singer - N. Fabi - that I think none of the people reading my journal really ever heard of) with Ricky, Ilaria and other mates and we weren't home before 3am... And I actually didn't like the songs at all: what with them all being about him being dumped by his girlfriend and general pessimism spreading all over! And, just to make myself all the more miserable, I had to be up by 8 on Sunday morning because of the shopping spree my mom literally forced me to!
Ok, truth has to be said and I really was in need of new clothes, but I don't like to go shopping (unless it is books I am shopping for, in what case it is hard to stop me!) and it really was a pain in the ass (sorry for bad words) to wake up early and go shopping. People seem to get crazy during sales season and we weren't the only one to be up at the crack of dawn (yes, 8am can be called that name on a Sunday) for shopping! I was lucky because Think Pink (my favourite shop at the mall) had a brown bomber jacket that fit me perfectly and it was half the original price so I went for it. At that point mom even tried to talk me into buying another one in addition to the one we'd just purchased, maybe something less sporty, something on the smart side, but I refused because a) I already have something smarter, b) I was tired and sick of shopping, c) I had spotted a bookshop where they sold books on sales and they were 15% off. She gave it up the smart jacket but was still pleased with me purchasing a pair of  black trousers, a greenish pullover and a bag at Benetton's. Finally I had to visit the bookshop where I got "My sister, my love" by Joyce Carol Oates.
Job is ok, still tiring, but it is obvious when you work with kids and teens: they have much more energies than you and they cry, run, play all together and it's your luck you don't get a headache at the end of the day!
Because of me being constantly busy I had to drop a handful of pals, the newest, those I still wasn't close with. I was so sorry doing that, but I really couldn't help it because I don't like to write back once every many months and it was driving me crazy to have many letters to be replied and no time to do that at all! The people I had to give up to seemed to be understanding and I can't but being grateful to them who didn't blame me as I was already feeling bad for dropping them like that.
Bookwise, I am reading "The New Yorkers" that I had many expectations about, probably too many since it's been a disappointment so far. I actually was about to give it up (I am past its half) but I want to read it to its end and see if it gets any better, even if I have lost any hopes it will. I already found someone on Bookmooch who wants it and I am sending it out as soon as I am finished with the reading.
Next week, on 20th, I am going to see "Grease" at the Theatre: I am looking forward to it! It is the very first musical I see live and I am thrilled about it!
Last update about my life is not too good of a news (for me at least): I am going to be away from 31st Jan. to 6th Feb. because of a course we must attend with the Sports Centre (called CSI). There'll be people doing the civil service year coming from all over Italy and we'll be staying there at this hotel (or whatever it is that we're staying at) for one week and attend lectures everyday. Funny, not! Especially because it bothers me big time to be away for one whole week. I hope I can at least bring along my pc, will ask if they have wireless connection there. I will bring a book and a letter to write with me, that's for sure. After all, I think I won't be socializing much. After all I am (found this funny definition reading The New Yorkers, only nice thing of it so far) an Asocial worker! On top of that Ricky isn't thrilled with me having to go, because we already see too little of eachother and one whole week apart isn't something we needed! But there's nothing I can do against it.
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I am starting my entry today with a meme I've stolen from [info]emiliachi that I had much fun filling in.

looooong meme )

Today afternoon I met with Ricky and we first went to the mall, then to the Big Bookshop where I got 3 books (one of that will be Ricky's gift for tomorrow): Rhett Butler's People by Mc Caig, The charming Man by Marian Keyes and a huge book of all Austen's works. I know I have already many books to read at home, but I was in my book-shopping mood and I couldn't help it!!! Especially because Rhett Butler... and Austen were two volumes I had been wanting for months.
Tonight Ricky and I are going to a mate's house for some cards games. It is common to meet mates and play cards and other games over the Xmas season (that will be officially over tomorrow with the Epiphany). Due to the flu that we both caught durning the holidays we've not done it much, so we won't miss tonight invitation.
I am looking forward to tomorrow: will my stocking be full to the brim with sweets?!

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How's the New Year started with you all?! Mine was really wet. Man (!), it was raining pretty heavy yesterday night when we greeted the new year at midnight and it almost spoilt the fireworks show, and today it is pouring down with the heaviest rain ever!!! Really, I can't remember of a New Year as wet as this one!!!
I slept 2 hours today, from 6.30am when I was back home from the Church Youth Centre, to 8.15am when I had to wake up because I urgently needed the loo. I think I shouldn't have drank any red wine (or any wine at all!) yesterday night, that I still wasn't 100% ok... I now have a light heartburnt but nothing too unbearable. It won't surely spoil my lunch today!
I plan on spending the day with writing a letter (working on Eva's at the moment) and then going on with the gripping thriller I started yesterday evening "Hold tight" by Harlan Coben. If the plot stays like this I will have to list it among the best books read in 2010 already! lol*
At 6pm  I am meeting mates at the Youth Centre because we need to do some bits and pieces to have it all clean and shiny again after the party. And we'll be dining together tonight because we've got lots (and I seriously mean it!) of leftovers that we could feed another 20 people off (anyone wanna join us?! You're welcome!)!!!
The party yesterday night was fun, the dinner was fullfilling and tasty and we seriously ate too much! We then played some board games, starting with Tabu (that's always big fun, if played with some smart people!) and Wherewolves, the role play game we are so fond of, that I was the master of. Finally, farmers won but I admitt the wolves played such a great match!
Time to get ready for the 11.30 Mass...Gotta go! Happy New Year everyone once again, may this year be bright and happy and lucky and lots of other good things for everyone of us!

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