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The last couple days have been the busiest ever! On January 2nd I was working at the Youth Centre in the afternoon, then Eleonora had her birthday and we were out for dinner, eating pizza and celebrating with her. I had a pizza with cheese topping that I'd not eaten for a long while: it was so yummy!!!
Yesterday I was a busy bee. In the morning we met at 8.30 at the church with Ricky, Luana and some kids and we went to the old people's home in downtown where we sang at the Mass with the oldies and then played the puppet show once again and Ricky and "his" kids played some Christmas music to them. Those oldies were so happy that we were there and had so much fun, even if the puppet show was not that good (we had only got 4 kids coming with us, and they had to play some 9 parts of the wonders it wasn't the best show ever!) ! There was an old lady who was smiling all the time long and even clapping her hands and holding hands with two other oldies during some songs. It gave us joy to see them happy, but it felt somewhat melancholic too, because those people must be very lonely there. One lady told us to please go back to visit them again because they so much need our company, it was such a cry for help! I took lots of piccies and some of them are absolutely beautiful.
In the afternoon I was at the Youth Centre again, from 4 pm to 7.30pm. There were quite a lot of teenies coming but everything was quiet and we had a nice afternoon to go through.Anyway I was so busy yesterday that I hardly turned on the pc and it is so unlike me!
Today I will make sure I have a night in and an early night on top of that!
I went shopping in the morning and got everything needed to fill the stockings for my sis and Ricky on 6th. I got chocolates, sweets and a small booklet for Monica and an electric toothbrush (it'll come in handy with all of those sweets *lol*) and a running Adidas suit for Ricky. It is the last holiday of the X-mas season, the Epiphany, and I want it to rock!!! 
I am still reading Hold Tight, and I like it to bits! I got "Love in the time of cholera" today at the supermarket, it was cheap and I couldn't help it: I had to get it!!! 
It's snowing today, but it won't hopefully set since the ground is all wet... This weather constantly changing surely isn't helping my cold! I am still with a running nose... Awful!
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How's the New Year started with you all?! Mine was really wet. Man (!), it was raining pretty heavy yesterday night when we greeted the new year at midnight and it almost spoilt the fireworks show, and today it is pouring down with the heaviest rain ever!!! Really, I can't remember of a New Year as wet as this one!!!
I slept 2 hours today, from 6.30am when I was back home from the Church Youth Centre, to 8.15am when I had to wake up because I urgently needed the loo. I think I shouldn't have drank any red wine (or any wine at all!) yesterday night, that I still wasn't 100% ok... I now have a light heartburnt but nothing too unbearable. It won't surely spoil my lunch today!
I plan on spending the day with writing a letter (working on Eva's at the moment) and then going on with the gripping thriller I started yesterday evening "Hold tight" by Harlan Coben. If the plot stays like this I will have to list it among the best books read in 2010 already! lol*
At 6pm  I am meeting mates at the Youth Centre because we need to do some bits and pieces to have it all clean and shiny again after the party. And we'll be dining together tonight because we've got lots (and I seriously mean it!) of leftovers that we could feed another 20 people off (anyone wanna join us?! You're welcome!)!!!
The party yesterday night was fun, the dinner was fullfilling and tasty and we seriously ate too much! We then played some board games, starting with Tabu (that's always big fun, if played with some smart people!) and Wherewolves, the role play game we are so fond of, that I was the master of. Finally, farmers won but I admitt the wolves played such a great match!
Time to get ready for the 11.30 Mass...Gotta go! Happy New Year everyone once again, may this year be bright and happy and lucky and lots of other good things for everyone of us!
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less than 2 days left and we're in 2010!!! WOW! It seems yeasterday that everyone was getting ready for the big Y2K!!! And it's been 10 years already...Is this growing up?! I mean, the more we grow the faster our days go by...Anyway!
I usually make lots of resolutions for the new year, that mostly are things I repeat to myself and to my friends every year, but actually never really realize half of them! So, I think this year I can make a list of what I hope to achieve... That would be less ambitious than proper resolutions and I would then feel less guilty in case I didn't work it out...
* I surely want to look for a job, something that didn't annihilate myself as the previous job did, but that still was something to live of. I have got the civil service project to stick to untill 1st December 2010, that sort of makes me feel ok and safe in the meanwhile. I am not in a real hurry for a new job this time, I still have a 30 hours/week activity to think of and some € to store in my bank account monthly, still I will be looking for something better that I can work at after December 2010, or even before if it comes up earlier than that!
* I want to be fair and try to be present and regular with my pals. I made the choice to keep more pals a few months ago and I am now firm in being regular with my replies. Of course I no more promise a letter after a fortnight, but I know I can keep it to 3 weeks that I get the letter! I spent the 3 days of my sickleave basically letter writing all day long and I loved it so much and got it that I will never do without letters in my life! Yesterday I wrote to Emma (
[info]rockinchick ) 'till past midnight and I just couldn't stop it!
* dieting?!? It would be cool if I really did that, and if I had the strenght to add some physical exercise to eating less...but I promised not to make resolutions so...well this is a hope for 2010, but honestly I doubt I'll ever achieve this one! And I am pretty sure everyone who knows me well enough is doubting about it too!
* I would like to find more time to read, I started 2009 with a great reading activity, then I got that job and I felt as if 5 months of my everyday life had been wiped off and I lost all the will and interest in reading. I am now slowling going back to it and I like it so much that I wonder how I could have done without books at all! I have many (too many really) books that I bought but never read in my room and it surely is a great starting point for the new year.
* my pets, for sure I want to dedicate my time to them, as often as I can. Especially Minou, I feel guilty about her being alone most of the day. Thus I want to spend my time with her, when I am not working and when I am reading. As for Rolly, I am already giving to him every second of my spare time, I want to try and not be too lazy when he wants to run and play... Sometimes I think I limit his physical activity a bit too much and just because it would mean physical activity for me too...
* Last but not least, my relationship with Ricky. We've been going through a rough period, worst is gone but we still have ups and downs almost weekly. We do need to move in together but the goal is still not reachable, not for 2010. All I can hope for is to be as patient and understanding as I can to make it work. So that 2011 will finally be OUR year!

Before I end this entry and wish everyone a happy new year, I want to post a meme that I stole from
[info]emiliachi 's journal.

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With that said, I wish everyone here the merriest New Year Eve ever and all the best for 2010! May we all find health, peace and happiness in our lives for the New Year!!!
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I am on sickleave from work. I am off today, tomorrow and the day after. This means I must be stuck in during the working hours in case any doctors from the social security came to check on me. Not that I had any plans but to stay in, what with being totally voiceless and with a massive sorethroat still! Aw!!! Hope I'll be 100% allright on the 31st! We've got a party planning going on there with the people from Church. The priest was so kind to let us use the youth centre to celebrate! We already set a meal list and gave everyone a special task for the night. I am cooking lasagne! Yum yum* Unluckily Ricky is home today not feeling well, hope he won't catch a flu too...Awful how this flu is spoiling all the fun for us this year! Booohooo!
I am behind with letters, once again! I am to be blamed, I know. I will catch up during these 3 days of sickleave, I am sure!
Off to do some cleaning now so that I will concentrate on mails only after that!
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My X-mas was a not too brilliant one, but I was blessed with no temperature and a wonderful boyfriend to keep me good company for most of the day, so I can't really complain about it!
I got a flu with a very high temp on 23rd, I was running some errands when I started feeling like poo and when I was back home I was with 39.2!!! Argh! I can't remember ever getting such a high temp! I was with temp on 24th also and I was nauseous as well...I had to miss the X-mas midnight Mass that I much much regret but truth has to be said that on 24th I barely had strenght enough to step foot out of bed and I slept almost all day, but couldn't rest at all...It's so bad when you sleep but are as tired as before (if not more) when you wake up!
Baby Jesus helped me though and I was with no temp at all yesterday (and today I am with no temp also! hooray!) but was still having a bit of a stomach ache and I couldn't fully enjoy my X-mas lunch.
Today I am much better, if ot considering my throath and nose that are giving me such a bad time, but never mind! I am on the mend.
The day yesterday was ok after all, Ricky was so kind to spend most of the day with me, but I missed spending the evening with his family that I really like!
Pressies wise I got some great pressies:
from Ricky I had a "spot lighting", I am not sure this is the english name...Anyway it is a necklace with a diamond...that makes lots of light of course! It is amazing!
   ( it is something of the like, will take a photo of the actual thing when I have time. My camera is currently under charge)
from Ricky's parents a bathrobe and some towels.
Ricky's aunts gave me some bath lotions and a cream.
My parents gave me a turtle neck blu pullover that seems to be warm, that is all I need especially these days!
Monica gave me my fave parfume "Omnia Crystalline" by Bulgari.
Monica's boyfriend gave me a book "The New Yorkers: a novel", that is about some people who go walking with their dogs in Central park. It sounds cool as a beginning. And I wanted to get it myself, so!
My grandparents gave me money and my uncle Fabio did the same, that is good. I got with some of that money 2 pullovers and shoes. But have some to save still.
I still have to exchange pressies with Ilaria and Valentina, because I was ill and they decided together with Ricky to wait for me to feel better so that we can exchange gifts all together.
All in all my X-mas was ok!
Today I am planning to do some letter writing that I did nothing of in the last 3 days (that's a level of how miserable the flu made of me!I usually read and write when with a flu and this time I did nothing of the sort! UGH!) and we're having grandmother and Monica's bf for lunch. Not sure if Ricky's coming too. Maybe I am going to his house in the afternoon and dine there, but nothing is sure still.
And now we'll start planning for the New Year's Eve!!! 

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Most of my friends on LJ have been updating almost daily their blogs and I am only one who seems to always be in a rush not to update at all! Christmas is almost here but I've been so busy that I almost noticed that today's only 3 days to X-mas!!! Years ago I used to get all hyper over the X-mas time, but now I am still not as excited as I used to be... Is this a grown up attitude to X-mas?! I already got (and opened...sorry I couldn't resist!) some parcels from my pals and online friends: everything was amazing!!! Thank you [info]badmadnad , [info]a_lenchen , [info]rakusanka , Rebecca, Debbie, Eva, Nicola. And thank you to everyone who sent me a gift or card that is on its way still. I received books, pens, bookmarks, writing paper, stickers, chocolate so far! I am a spoilt girl I know!!!  As for the gifts, I think I am almost done with it (of course I should be, because it is X-mas in 3 days time and it would be such an issue had I still to start the whole X-mas shopping): mom and dad got a religious book each, Monica a parfume and a pj, Ricky (I won't say here, because he sometimes happens to read my journal and I won't spoil the surpise here!)..., Ilaria got a whole lot of goodies from JanetStore (I had to pay more in postage to chose a fast delivery and it luckily worked great and I received the parcel almost one week ago, I now need to find a cool box to keep the goodies in) , Valentina got a box with some cocktails recipes (this is a joke, because a few weeks ago she made a mojito for me and ... well I  cut it short and say it had to be thrown in the sink! So Ricky and I thought it would have been such a fun to give her something of the like! We'll add something to it, we still need to find that something though. I wanted to buy some book, maybe something that'll come in handy in February when she's going to Spain for the Erasmus), all of our other friends will get a gift receipt that we donated money to Amref. Ricky's family will get a basket full of Umbrian food. Ricky and I decided to buy together presents for his cousins. Elisa is getting a bath cream and a lipbalm, and Lorenzo is getting a board game with some astronomy lectures. I am thinking of buying a gift to my sister's boyfriend, because he would be into reading some Dickens and since I am a Dickens fan I feel like giving it to him! I know he's be into "A Christmas Carol".  Yesterday we did the X-mas market at the Church and the earnings will go to charity. This year we'll donate the money to an old people home. We worked hard on it all yesterday, from 8.30 am to 8.30 pm... I was so tired yesterday night! We took some good shots and I am getting the piccies from a girl either today or anyway this week.          

  Bianca & I with Luana I thougth I was caught up with letters in the past few weeks, when I got 6 all together and I am behind with replies again!!! Awful! I am lucky since I will have a few days to write them before I will be able to send any mail out. Postal Service is unreliable lately and I rather not send mails over the holidays...I will send everything out again on 2nd January...Won't risk my mails to get lost again! So please, [info]badmadnad , Eva, Lisa, Debbie, [info]rockinchick24 ,[info]kriss81 be patient till the beginning of 2010. Ok, going now, gift hunting for Valentina and my pets before I attend the X-mas dinner at church with the group of secondary school pupils. Until next time...

wish a joyful, merry X-mas to all of you... May you spend it in a peaceful and serene way with your loved ones

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Today we had the first official day of the civil service (it was a 1 1/2 hours long meeting, nothing tiring). They gave us all the time table for this week. I will be on service tomorrow 3pm-8pm (and then have a staff meeting at church from 9.30pm...argh!), on Thrusday and Friday 9am-1pm (and on Friday afternoon I am at the youth centre at the Church from 4.30pm to 7.30pm) and on Saturday morning I will be there a couple hours only from 10am. Then we are having a long weekend (I won't have it though because I will be on duty at the church on Saturday 3pm-7.30pm and on Sunday 4.30pm-7.30pm) because on 8th Dec. it is a holiday here. Then we'll go on with another timetable, that is different from person to person (we're 4 people being on civil service contract there): I will be at the central office on Tuesdays and Fridays 9am-1pm and at the church on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays 4.30pm-7.30pm. They'll give me another church details and I will cover the other hours left ( I have to work an amount of 30 hours/ week) in another youth centre other than the one I am already on duty at. I will learn what my job at the central office consists of tomorrow I guess. So far they seem to be friendly and nice there! Hope it'll be a useful and good year to go through.

Today it's Ricky's birthday. I bought him a birthday cake. I will go and collect it at 7pm before I go to his house for dinner. Friends are coming over to celebrate Ricky's 27th birthday. We won't stay long though because tomorrow it is a working day, so we ought to go to bed soon. And on Saturday we'll celebrate in a restaurant, the 2 of us only! I got him a Tolkien book, I am quite sure he's not got it yet.

I am writing a letter to Outi, I started it a few days ago, but then couldn't go on in the past days because either I was too busy or too tired to write! I am almost finished with it still and will send it out tomorrow in the morning! I even txted her and she answered with another txt! Cool!!!
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I stole this one from Kama's LJ. ^_^

Step One

- Make a post (public, friendslocked, filtered...whatever you're comfortable with) to your LJ. The post should contain your list of 10 holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related to medium to really big. The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.
- If you wish for real life things (not fics or icons), make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) could get in touch with you.

Step Two

- Surf around your friendslist (or friendsfriends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now here's the important part:
- If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. Sometimes someone's trash is another's treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don't want or a gift certificate you won't use--or even know where you could get someone's dream purebred Basset Hound for free--do it.
You needn't spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf--to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not--it's your call.
There are no rules with this project, no guarantees, and no strings attached. Just...wish, and it might come true. Give, and you might receive. And you'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special.

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Ok, I was so pleased today morning with myself because I had found the lady who owns the car that allegedly crashed into mine, but what I found out was all but nice. In the morning I tried to phone twice at the university but she wouldn't answer so I asked the priest, but he had no phone number nor knew who she was married to. I decided to try and phone someone who had her same maiden surname and lived not too far from her and ... bingo! It was the lady's mother's house! I explained the matter with the car and the old lady who answered the phone gave me the right phone number and told me the daughter was home with a flu. I phoned her and explained again the story and she said "ok, we'll pay for your car. Just go to the garage and get an estimation of how much we have to pay for". I went to the garage and the man there told me it would cost some 350-400€ to get it all fixed. When I phoned the lady again her husband answered the phone and told me he couldn't see how his car could have caused that much damage and if I was that kind to go to their home and show them the car. I phoned mom and together (I don't trust myself much when it comes to this sort of things) we went to their house. It turned out that the son (allegedly in his 20s) is in hospital and was under tablets when driving and he surely wasn't able to drive properly. And they said they were hopeless and that he kept causing so many troubles...The mother actually even said she'd rather be dead than have to deal with all that much...It was painful! Anyway both the boy's parents didn't admitt that the damage was caused by their son. They agreed the handwriting was the boy's writing but they said he wouldn't be sensible and maybe hadn't really caused that crash...I was confused... I mean, I got the note on my car and it is clear in my opinion that it was the boy to do that dent...Bah! Finally I told her we'd go to our insurance company and they'll sort it. Turns out that we've got the same insurance company...And when I went to tell them about the thing they said I should wait for starting a case over it, that we could still try and sort out things private and that I could still look for another cheaper garage and that they could still pay me by cash. Allegedly the boy had already caused serious crashes and the insurance of that car is already pretty high that it would be too bad if it got even higher becayse of this crash... Ricky says I should go for it... I honestly feel guilty about the whole matter because it is not too much money (even if it is not little money either) and I would be a burden to that family who's already dealing with such a huge probem... Still... They shouldn't have let the boy drive if he was under tables! What if he'd hit a boy instead of my car?! Still, I am none to judge such a tough and nasty situation... But now I think...what should I do?! Blah! It'd have been better if the boy had left no note at all!

I did nothing useful (i.e. no letter writing nor reading nor walk with Rolly) today afternoon, because I spent all time going from garage, to the lady's house, to the insurance company... But I will hopefully catch up on the wasted time tonight. I wanted to chat to
[ profile] badmadnad on MSN but it won't work tonight for me... Bah! I txted her to please come on Facebook instead (that isn't thrilling, since that chat is tot crap) but she's not coming so...either she can't log in (in what case it would be such a nuisance!) or she hasn't read my txt at all. I will stick to writing my letter to Outi instead.

I am watching Without a Trace on TV and Rolly's asleep at my feet...what a cutie!
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I am at home today, feel quite tired but am glad I can relax as much as I like...well, untill 8.30pm anyway. I have got a staff meeting at the church at 9pm. I will see Ricky and Ilaria and it won't be that bad after all.
On Friday evening someone crashed into my car that was parked in front of the church. They left a note on the windscreen with the car's plate number and the type of car. I had to wait today morning to do anything because both insurance company and garage won't work on Saturdays. The driver who crashed into my car (the front bumper is badly scrathced and dented) didn't leave any phone number, so it is not easy to tack him/her back. The insurance company lady told me to go to an office where they tell you for a small fee (2.48€) whose car is, if you give them plate numbers. I had to queue 2 long hours for it! Insane! And I had no books to read nor mobile to call mom and say I was being insanely late for lunch! Argh! Anyway it turns out the car's owner is a lady and of course I cannot find her name on the telephone directory, because she must be married and the phone must be on her husband's name. Anyway I found out where she lives and then I googled her name and found out she's a university teacher. I even found out her university office phone number, so if I have nothing else I will call her at the uni. Anyway tonight I am asking the priest if he knows her (a priest should know most of the people living in the parish area) and maybe knows who she's married to, so that I can track their phone number and call home. Otherwise I will have to phone her at work. Hopefully she'll agree to pay for my front bumper to be repainted. It won't be cheap I know, and it would piss me off if I had to pay it!

I got a phone call from the civil service employers and they said we'll probably officially start with the project on December 1st. We'll meet on Saturday 28th at 10am for a staff meeting and they'll tell us more about the project. It feels good!

I am almost caught up with mails: have two only left to write and I feel so terribly pleased with myself! :-D Today
[ profile] badmadnad got my letter that I am so relieved of! What with my previous three mails to her getting lost! Hopefully it won't happen again!

I should really think of Christmas gifts and of Ricky's birthday gift. He's turning 27 in one week...And I have not got the palest clue of what to give him on Dec.1st! We'll probably celebrate with mates that day. Our parents are leaving on Nov.27th on a religious pilgrimage to Medjugorjie and won't be home till Dec 4th. It is scary that our parents are going on a trip together...Hope they'll get along well...Don't know why but I am pretty anxious about this thing, honest.

Ok, writing to Outi now...
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Finally I feel like writing again... At last, I should still fill you in with a detailed report of my German holidays...I will start by saying that we had a blast there!!!!
Ok, I will be religiously following the notes that Ricky and I wrote down on the last night there from now on...

Tuesday, 29th October:
We left our hotel in Salzburg at 9am, of course after having a satisfying breakfast! I think I tried everything (literally) they were offering there... And they didn't charge us for one more person when paying! As much as we had stuffed ourselves with at breakfast our room was probably worth more than what we paid it for! Anyway... We left to Munich, that is one hour by car from there. We were lucky enough not to find any traffic to reach the city and we were still pleased with the German streets that have not speed limits. We were in Munich in slightly more than 50 minutes and we found our hotel no problem (we're smart...). We were so happy being there early in the morning because it meant more time for sightseeing, but to our discontent we found out that the owner of the pension, Mrs Karolin, wasn't there. A lady, her maid (told us Karolin), opened us the door and she was not speaking a single word in English! Hooray... not! She gave us the keys to our first bedroom (yes, because we'd to move into another one on the following day) and we were pleased to find an old fashioned apartment (of which one bedroom and the bathroom were unlocked) that was spotless. We got our backpacks and were ready to go when the maid explained (I make it sounds it was easy to understand eachother, but it actually was embarassing and challenging to try to communicate with her!) that we couldn't go because we had to meet Mrs Karolin first. Aw! We were not pleased, not at all. The problem was with our car, we had asked Karolin to give us a special card that would have allowed us to keep the car in the street in front of the pension and not getting fined. We'd pay this card to Mrs Karolin 2€ per day that was cheap to us, but then thinking of it better Karolin was a robber... Ok, I probably am unfair to her, because all in all she was polite and nice to us (I think she was fancying Ricky!) but the card that she gave to us actually wa her parking card and she was asking all of her guest pay it 2€ per day, that would of course earn her much more money than what she'd originally paid for it... Anyway... Back to the maid, she told us to wait for Karolin 10 minutes first (thinking of it now I think she was telling us 10 minutes because she had just 10 fingers to show us! ) that we did. But she wasn't there more than 20 minutes after... I was quite bored and we agreed we'd have checked the street around the pension in the meanwhile and we got to a shop where we bought a map of the city. Again we were back to the pension and Karolin was nowhere to be found. Argh! We had been waiting there for 1 hour already and I was a bit bossy and asked the maid to please phone Karolin. I wasn't understanding a single word the two ladies where saying at the phone and asked the maid to please hand me the phone. I could finally speak to Karolin in English and she said she'd have been there in half an hour because she was at the lawyer's and was delayed. I said ok (I had no other choice, had I?!) and again we had nothing to do but waiting for her. Thankfully she was there within the stated time (we'd been waiting long enough for me to be pissed off of course, but I wouldn't let some German lady spoil my holiday!) and she gave us the card that spared us a fine. She then asked us to pay for the whole staying in advance... We were puzzled, because everywhere we'd stayed in in the past none had ever asked us for money before actually enjoying the stay, but we agreed to pay (inside of us we were both thinking she would have surely disappointed us some way and we'd have had a bad time having our money back). Bad surprise for us again: Karolin didn't accept visa or any credit card (shit, shit, I should have double checked it when home!) and we had to pay by cash, that was a bit tight since then. Luckily I had brought more than planned (I always think it's better to have some money for emergencies and I am proud to say that I am wise! ) so we didn't have to give up anything at the end. Karolin and I didn't like eachother much. She was an old lady in her 60's but I think she had a crush on Ricky, especially when he told her he was a lawyer practitioner. And she must have disliked me since I asked her about Dachau concentration camp. I didn't think Germans don't like to talk about the Holocaust much. And she was like "what would you visit Dachau for?"... I said "the camp maybe?!", being ironic of course. And she said that it wasn't worth it, that it was sad (of course I didn't expect it to be a funny place to visit!) and that it would have spoilt my holidays! I said thanks that I would have thought of it. And off we went! Our holidays in Munich officially started! (mind you, by the time Karolin let us free it was 1.30pm...Argh her!) Whoohoo!
Our pension was in the University area of the city and near one of the main entrances of the Englischer Garten that are said to be the biggest park in Europe and are English park-like, the name says it. We went to the city centre walking through the gardens and eating a pizza (me) and a sandwich (Ricky) that we had bought in a bakery next to our pension - bakeries: it is what I miss most of Germany! Germans have the best bread ever! The gardens are absolutely beautiful, relaxing and ... enormous! In some 40 minutes we managed to walk to their end (our entrance was past their half) and got to the city centre. There it was Marienplatz! The Rathaus is stunning! And when we read in the guide about the Glokenspiel we made it our holiday goal to see it working! Ricky was so kind to let me choose what I liked to visit first and I was bully and childish and I dragged him to the Spielzeugmuseum (aka the toys museum). If only it wasn't for the narrow stairs and the million of steps we had to go through to the last floor, the museum itself was cool! There were ancient toys (a doll made off chestnuts that was labeled as medieval or something of the like) to quite modern toys. There were the first Barbie dolls issued (wonder how girl could find them fashinating at all.. they looked grey-ish and alien like! Blah!) and dolls houses. I loved it lots!
After that we went back to Marienplatz and reached Sankt Peterskirche where the Holy Father was archbishop back in the early 80's. Ricky wanted to see the view from the tower...I had read in the guide that it was 306 steps to reach the top of it and didn't fancy the idea of course, but I couldn't refuse because he'd agreed the visit to the toy museum and I sort of owed it the view from the tower! We got to the top and... It was quite disappointing, because you could see the landscape of the city from some closed windows and it was not as cool as we'd figured it to be. But I left my note to the guest book they had there that made the lot of steps worth it!
After so many steps we both were hungry and we went to Viktualienmarkt (yes, our first day was pretty random, again we crossed Marienplats - my favourite place in whole Munich by the way-) where we had a hot dog and a mug of beer (first litre of it for Ricky) at 4 pm! There were stalls everywhere, lots of smells and voices and people chatting while drinking and eating at the biergarten. I loved the atmosphere there!
We had some more time for sightseeing but museums and everything seems to be closing by 6pm up there (something we Italians aren't that used to) and we ended up visiting the courtyard of the Residenz (we didn't visited it inside because that day it was past the last admission time and on the following days we had better places to visit than that) and then we nearly had a row because I needed a toilet and it was nowhere to be found and Ricky was still taking photos and... This is one of the situations that can drive me up the wall: you need a toilet and it is nowhere to be seen! Argh! We ended up in a Starbucks (that I would be thrilled to have in Perugia) and I was then much more sensible and nice to deal with! I am a spoilt brat I know! The Starbucks back exit was on the Hofgarten and we took our time to visit them as well. We took lots of photos and we enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere there.
Again back to Marienplatz to look for somewhere to eat. We found a big restaurant called Pschorr that was our favourite place to eat at and that was presided over by Slowfood - that we're fan of-. We had some delicious meat and two mugs of beer! Yes, folks, I had beer. I was silly asking for beer, but when the girl came to our table and took our order and I had to tell her what I fancied to drink...well, I felt as if I was going to disappoint her had I asked for a coke or -worse- for still water... And my mouth spelled the word beer before I could hold back my tongue! After dinner we walked back home, and on the way we stopped at Viktualienmarkt to fill our bottles of fresh water (it became our daily stop there before going back home for the night during the holidays).

Wednesday, 30th October: Must say that Mrs Karolin's breakfast wasn't half as satisfying as the Austrian breakfast we had in the previous days. And we were about to get pissed with Karolin because we'd to move into another room downstairs (the pension is located in a building and each room was part of flats where Karolin would lock and unlock as many rooms as she needed. In our case we only had one room and the bathroom unlocked.) but she said we couldn't move in before mid morning, that would have spoilt our day and wasted our time. We agreed with her that she'd have moved our things to the new room and she gave us a spare key to the new room so that we could finally go.
We'd planned to visit the Deutsches Museum in the morning. The weather wasn't the best ever, being it cloudy, but we're Mr and Miss Lucky and it didn't rain! In the museum there's lots to lost one's head about if you are fond of sciences (that is not my case, ok, but I liked it there nonetheless). I think we concentrated too much on the first room that was about navigation. There were lots of boats, ships and rafts from everytime. I especially loved the model of a real cruise ship where you had the feeling you were really on the sea and in a ship! LOL* We had to rush a bit through the other rooms (I admit having gotten a bit bored by the time we were done with the first room... Ok. but I am not a science geek!), but we enjoyed the main things there. I threw a tantrum (not a real one, but was tempted to do it) when I found out I couldn't enter the Kinder Reicht (or whatever it was called), because only children aged 3-10 were allowed in! So, either I asked someone to lend me a kid or I couldn't go in. Argh! This was not fair! We had fun at the shop of the museum where Ricky bought a gift for his cousin and I got a blu biro looking like a pencil with a pink eraser on the top.
We had lunch at PizzaHut (again some place I would like to see in Italy also, even if I think Italians wouldn't much agree to Pizza Hut idea of pizza) where we had a Cheesy Crust pizza that was so yummy! And we got two glasses of coke that we could refill with 50 cents more (ok, to most people this is something perfectly normal, but remember folks that I live in Italy and we have not such things, so everything sounds interesting to me).
We got back to the pension to check that they had brought our things to our new room (on the ground floor). They had, by the way, but the new room wasn't as good as the one we'd slept in the previous night. The bed wasn't comfy at all (the mattress was almost smashed in and definitely not the best place to sleep on) and the furnitures were older than those we had in the previous room, but there wasn't much we could do about it. So we left again to Schloss Nymphenburg where we spent whole afternoon walking through the huge park. It was stunning! We enjoyed it lots. There were kilometres and kilometres of park!!! We had a relaxing afternoon (and an ice-cream) and we both agreed that we did the best choice ever when we chose Nymphenburg over the Residenz. On Wednesday it was the big day for Ricky: Bayern Munich vs. Juventus Fc for the Champions League. We went back to the city centre by tram (that to my discontent isn't too different from a bus) and looked (should I add desperately?! LOL) for a bar that would show the match. There was no place to be found but the Pschorr restaurant we'd dined at the previous day and there we went. They had maxi screen and we sat at a spare table and dined while waiting for the match to start. Now, Ricky gets pretty emotional and noisy when watching the match and I was quite nervous being there because we were sorrounded with tens and tens of Germans. Truth has to be told and Ricky behaved and didn't show his love for Juve too much (even if I think his moaning anytime Juve lost the ball surely didn't help) and we were ok, untill a group of German folks sat at our table. I was biting my nails in anxiety (Ricky's right that I shouldn't bite them, after all) and a boy of the group who'd joined us at our table told me something in German. Shit! I stared at him with the dumbest face ever and he repeated the same phrase once again...Again my dumb face was the only reply I could produce. A girl who was there tried to explain to me what the boy had meant to say, again in German...I couldn't understand a single word and my puzzled face made the girl realize that I was not German. The girl was quite smart and had 2+2 done and got it right that I was Italian and there for the match (the way she asked me if I was Italian, wishpering it to my ears and twisting her mouth, gave me one reason more to be anxious!). Ricky was so impressed with the match that he noticed about me talking to the Germans on a later moment only and he joined our talk. He actually got to talk a lot (now they were speaking in English) with a boy who was so kind and funny. The only one of the group I didn't like at all was the boy who'd tried to tell me something about biting my nails. He didn't much like Ricky and he was cross and I think he'd have liked to start a fight that luckily didn't happen. I am sure Ricky wasn't pleased about it, but I say that luckily none of them won and we could go back home in friendly terms with the Germans. Phew!

Thursday, 1st October: Again a not that satisfying breakfast at the pension to start the morning with. A group of Italians were there having breakfast with us and they were so noisy and rude that Ricky and I got up and went back to our room as soon as we could. Sometimes I loathe the way Italians act abroad, they think they own the world! They're noisy and people abroad don't like them at all!
We spent the morning shopping: we had to buy presents for our dear ones at home and I was Diddl pads hunting all morning long. Thanks to Nad I extended my search to toy shops and there it was: the last edition pads! Of course I had to get them all! It is not like I can go back to Germany whenever I need a new pad, so I had to buy them all.
After our morning shopping, we went "home" (it felt like home with us living together: it was perfect, really!) to get rid of our bags and left again to the Theresienwiese where the Oktoberfest is held. I was so wrong about it! It is all about fun and colours and sweet treats and, ok, beer. I had imagined drunkards and people throwing up everywhere, instead everything there was lively but normal. I mean no excess, just lots of fun. They've the biggest funfair ever seen for the Oktoberfest and the bier houses are HUGE! We first sat at the Paulaner's and Ricky had his first mug of beer. I wanted to take some videos and lots of photos of all the people drinking and toasting there! It was so funny to be there and I was not forced to drink beer nor anything I had feared when planning the trip! I think I ate way too much junk food there, but everything looked yummy and Ricky was happy with the beer and would not stop me, so... I had banana with a milk chocolate cover, an enormous brezen, apfelstrudel with vanilla and whipped crean, fries, an apple krapfen... And Ricky bought me a gingerbread heart that I would wear like a necklace! We sat at Spaten's then and again Ricky got another mug of beer (wow, litre 2 in so little time!) and a group of Spanish (drunk) boys sat with us. They even asked me to pose in a photo with them! LOL They were toasting with everyone and making lots of noise. Actually they were so noisy that a group of German teens who were at the table next to us asked me if we were Italians!!! I told the boys that Ricky and I were Italians, but that the noisy ones were from Spain! Bah, I hate it how we're labelled everywhere (even if I am proud to say that Ricky and I are not Italians when travelling). We were home by 6pm and Ricky took a nap (beer vs. Ricky ended 1-0 LOL) while I uploaded all our photos on Facebook. I think all the junk food I had eaten was even worse for my stomach than beer was for Ricky's and I had heartburn that night, so that when we went to dinner I asked for a soup only.

Friday, 2nd October: Our last day in Munich started with Mrs Karolin's breakfast. By Friday I had noticed how Karolin would give croissants to other guests, but to us! I hated her for that!!!
Again we headed off and went on a shopping spree (we had gifts left to buy and I wanted to look for some more Diddl pads). We got to the mall and there we bought beer and chocolate for everyone at home and Diddl paper for me (hoooray!). Finally (after having missed it by minutes several times on the previous days) we could see the Glockenspiel working! It lasted some 15 minutes, that I had every second of recorded with my camera! After that we had the unhealthier lunch ever at Burger King and then back home to leave our bags. We'd planned our afternoon to be very relaxing and at the Englisher Garten and there we headed. We took the tube to the northern part of the Garten and we walked south. It was the best moment of the whole holiday! Couples there have benches with their names written on and I liked it so much that I begged Ricky to buy one ourselves (wouldn't it be cool to have a seat in the middle of the Englisher Garten with the written "Martj&Ricky May 15th 2001" on it?!?) but he didn't like the thought as half as I did! Wonder why... Again we took lots (and I mean it) of photos and we walked a lot and it was perfect, really! We were so much in love!
We went back to the centre by 6pm and walked around and looked for the few shops that were open till late (that up there means 7pm - people here would be happy to close at 7 in the evening!) and we spent some time in a Timberland store where Ricky asked for help a black boy who was speaking English so fast that I could get half of the whole speech. Our last dinner there was tasty and I enjoyed it big time. By then I was sad we were leaving on the following day, but had still something to look forward to: the German bread! We had planned to buy some bread at the bakery near the pension and we'd have eaten it on the way back to Italy. I was thrilled at the thought of that delicious bread and it surely helped me not to moan too much that the holiday was over.

Saturday, 3rd October: We woke up early and went to breakfast to find out that October the 3rd is a national holiday in German and that there were no shop (read=no bakeries) to be found open in the whole town! I almost was in tears when Karolin told us and when she offered us a sandwich for the journey. Her bread wasn't half as good as German bread usually is. But I think we had to be grateful because she had offered us something to eat after all. Now I was officially sad because the holidays was over and because I had no German bread to fill my stomach with. We left an almost desert Munich at 9am and we started our journey back to Italy, where we spent a night in Arona, by the Lake Maggiore where a friend of Ricky works as a policeman.

I think this is enough of a travelogue. Germany was great and I would definitely go back today if I could! I want to see more of the country and I hope we'll be able to plan another holiday as soon as possible!

PS: For everyone wondering about Dachau, I gave it up after all. Karolin managed to put me off it and I didn't want to spoil my good mood with a sad visit to a concentration camp and I gave it up. Hope I won't regret it with the time.
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Leave me a comment saying "Resistance is Futile."
I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity.
Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

And now to [ profile] emiliachi 's questions:

1) How did you and your boyfriend meet? We were highschool classmates. At first we couldn't stand eachother. Then with the years (high school is 5 years here) we got closer and fell in love at the end of 4th year, but stupid me refused him at first because I was too surprised with his kiss!!! LOL We surely were meant to be because we fell into a mutual kiss again months later, in May 2001...The rest is history! :-)

2) Out of the countries you've visited so far, Italy excluded, where would you like to live and why? No doubts I would be living in England... I left a part of my heart over there. Actually I've always wanted to move up there...Don't know how I fell in love with the country, really! I was 4 and already begging my mom to let me attend school in England (back then I was probably fashinated with school uniforms that aren't common in Italy! LOL). I love everything of England, is it enough as an explanation?! LOL ;-)

3) Do you like cooking? What's your favourite thing to cook? I like to cook and think I am pretty good at it. I mostly like to cook pasta and anything that is not a sweet-cake...I am useless with cakes I fear. They are tasty, ok, but they are not what you would be saying "aaaah" or "ooooooh" at! If you know what I mean. :-)

4) How does religion influence your every-day life? I try to live my life as Christian-ly as possible. I try to be forgiving and not to judge people too much. It is easier to say than to do of course. I often lose my temper with parents, especially over work related topics and well it is not what I aim to... I attend Mass every Sundays and on Holy days, if that is what you meant, anyway.

5) What's your hometown like? Ehm not what you call a fun place to live in. There hardly is somewhere to hang out with friends. And people here can only join disco clubs, that I loathe. And on the job scene, well it is quite still that isn't best for me who's looking for a job... Still it is where home is. But I tell you I wouldn't mind moving somewhere northern or abroad! :-)
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So my sister graduated... finally! Hope she'll be more pleasant to leave with from now on... But somehow I doubt it... Honest, and I feel very guilty writing this bit, she acted too bitchy on the past days! To start with she wanted to celebrate with friends only her graduation (she even "forgot" to tell parents and me that the graduation ceremony wasn't held at her university, but at another faculty! We found out by chance the night before the graduation and just because we were arguing and she let it slip out of her mouth! She said she thought it was obvious that graduations are held in the other faculty... Mmmm ... Nope, I wouldn't say that it is THAT obvious... anyway!) and when I suggested her to at leaste go to eat a pizza with parents and I she sort of threw a tantrum because it wasn't something she cared about much and since my parents had forced nothing on her she thought they didn't like it either. I think she owed a dinner to parents, since they paid for all the university fees and even for her 350€ worth graduation dress. Anyway, she agreed to a dinner with parents and me on the very same evening of her graduation. The she came up with the idea that she wanted to call all grandparents and uncle with his girlfriend and her daughter and my cousin. Mom said that we couldn't go to dinner all together with whole family on the only evening that Ricky was not available (he had a gig yesterday night) because he is part of the family too. And I agreed, because if my sister invited all family it was becoming something more official and it would have been cool if Ricky was there too. I mean, he spent the whole afternoon yesterday with us, he brought my sister both a bunch of flowers and a gift, he was worth a dinner!!! At that point my sister got mad at me and said I am always causing problems and that she was no more feeling like celebrating with us at all and that she was going to have dinner with her boyfriend's family!!!  I mean, my parents got offended and again there was another round of the huge fight! I was sick and tired with the whole matter...
All in all, the story was over with my sister coming to dinner with parents and me and her boyfriend yesterday night and then celebrating again with whole family and Ricky on Sunday night... Eeeek!!! Come girl, make up your mind! What's the point in arguing over anything?!? What bothers me the most is that she always seems to think that all the fault is upon me, and she says that I get on her nerves whenever speaking because she just cannot stand my voice... Not that kind of a sister she is... huh?! Wonder why she acts like that...   

Ricky's gig was ok, actually it was brilliant. I made it to the gig that they'd already played two out of 8 songs, but could still enjoy a great performance of my boyfriend and his group...   And he was playing with the Marshall amplificator he got to buy off the money I had collected for his surprise party!!!  I went there with Valentina, Ilaria had to give it a miss because she was with a huge stomachache and she was feeling miserable... Valentina and I had promised ourselves to be home early, we said midnight had to be an unbroken time limit for the 2 of us on that night... Well, I was home past 1 am... Eeew!  

On Saturday we're attending Hallowe'en party at the church. 16 y.o. group (whom my friend Luana looks after) will take care of the whole party

organization. They are throwing a theme party called "Play to horror movies". Everyone has to dress up as a horror/dark movie character. Ricky and I came up with the brilliant (?) idea of dressing up as Sweeney Toddd and Mrs Lovett. It won't cost us much, because we'll do with old clothes and with some dark make up... I am looking forward to it!!! LOL* Of course we'll be taking lots of pictures!!!

Today it's grandpa's death anniversary. He died 12 years ago... I am attending a Mass in his memory at 6pm. I miss him. Even if it is not as painful as it was in the first years.

I am having a night in tonight... Hoooray! I am planning on spending it with letter writing on the sofa in front of the TV... Awww! Bliss!!!

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Today my sister is graduating from university. Now I understand that when you graduate you are anxious and as nervous as a violin chord, but she's been throwing tantrums over nothing really! 

I am working from home today morning, taking photos to new goodies. Parents need photos to add to their catalogue. I am fond of photography but it is not as funny to be taking photos at things... Anyway, it is job and it must be done. I am halfway through it, already uploaded and modified some 80 photos. More to be done, before evening.

I also got a nativity set for my room: it is lovely! I placed
it on the shelves over my bed together with other cribs I
got in the past years. Aww! I can already feel the Christmas in the air!!! LOL *

I will update this entry again in the afternoon, back home from sister's graduation, so that I will write about it and about my sister's being moody and bossy lately...

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I have plenty of things to do still and it seems to me that time is running and I am doing nothing useful here. I always feel like this when about to leave on holidays, there are 1001 things to do and I never have time enough for everything. Eventually I will make it and do everything off the list I wrote down yesterday.
Today I managed to sort the suitcase content. I still need to buy shampoo and toothpaste, but most is done. Yay me! (I absolutely hate the suitcase making thing!).
I still need to do some bit and pieces, first of all ironing a couple jumpers and a pair of jeans I need to bring with me on holidays. I also neek to shave my legs (I hate this girlie thing as well...I probably hate too many things!) and then clean my house and room. On Saturday I will have half day only to do what's left, because I am having the third training lesson with Rolly and I also need to attend Mass in the 'noon.
Today I must meet S2 because we have to buy a present for S1's brother's son who was born a fortnight ago. Allegedly I would be too rude if I refused to join her in today's visit. Firstof all I am not that willing to see them, furthermore it will steal 2 useful hours off my limited time... argh!!!
Rolly's slightly limping when walking (he doesn't when running though) and I am wondering if it's something to do with his paws like Joy's problem (by the way, I must ask Nad how's she doing, if they have solved it or she still needs a surgery sometimes in the future. I suck as friend). I will phone the vet, but doubt it will be sooner than 10 days time. If he runs I think it is nothing that hurts, so... And I will ask the trainer on Saturday, maybe he can tell me something about it. 
ok, having a shower now and washing my hair, then to the park with Rolly.

This is what I had written yesterday, but when I was about to post it the text disappeared and I couldn't restore it! I was too pissed to start writing it all over again and gave it up. Today I come back and find out that I have the chance to restore a saved draft!!! lol 

Anyway, I am finally done (incredibly!) with the suitcase thing and I am relieved about it! yay me! i still need something to be done before I leave home on Sunday morning but i can take it easy, and i like it!

i met S&S yesterday evening. We had to go and bring a present to S1's nephew who was born a few days ago (argh! S2 wanted to buy something unique and we spent 20€ each for it!!! eeew!). After that we went to dinner, i didn't want to but had to join them because they wanted to talk to me. After the last disastrous girls night out with them i didn't look for them and actually even managed to argue with S2 via text! i think i have grown mature and i am tired of gossiping and silly chats all time long. they got offended with my behaviour and told me they thought i was more fond of them. i told them i couldn't see any interest for me and my life in them, when they spend a whole night out gossiping about other people and don't ask anything about eachother's lives! S1 agreed with me that we actually lacked in that in the last months. S2 instead took it wrong, as usual. she was pissed that i didn't call  her, but was too proud to go back to her. actually it wasn't a matter of being proud if i didn't call, but i was too disappointed in them to call at all. anyway, i don't think that S1 is better than S2 just because she partly agreed with me. I know her well enough to think that she agreed with me only at the moment, but will then agree with S2 that it is me who has got several issues. what bothered me big time is that they were sure it was ricky's influence on me that made me stay away from them! as if i had no brain to think of anything myself! blah! at one point during the evening i felt the need to be with ricky and to be hugged by him! it is childish of me i know, but it is what i felt at the moment, that is a good sign if i consider the rough days we've gone through lately.

rolly's limping more than yesterday and we won't go to the park today. we'll stick to a walk around our house. the poor thing is bored to tears but i think he did something to his left front paw when jumping or running and it won't heal if he goes on jumping and running like he does at the park!

today evening i have got a staff meeting at the church, we ought to talk about the yearly activities planning.hope it won't last too long, because i will need to wake up early tomorrow and want to catch some good sleep!!!
before the meeting i am going for a pizza with I&V. maybe ricky will join us.

can't believe we'll be on holidays in less than 2 days!!! :-)

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ARGH! Our headroom is flooded! Today we had a huge storm and it rained no stop for a good couple of hours. I noticed water coming down from the ceiling in the shower. Not a good sign! It'd already happened 3 days ago and we thought it had to be a broken water pipe in the attic. We turned water off and it stopped in a couple hours. It completely dried so I was very surprised that water was falling again in the shower downstairs today. I then entered my room and saw LOTS of water falling down from the headroom just outside my window (by now it is starting wetting my room... inside I mean!!! Man! Someone saves my books!!! Please!) and I got upset there was something wrong upstairs in the attic where my cat Minou lives. With uncle we found out there's a fall on the roof (right where my part of the attic is) and there's some 5 cm high water both in my attic and uncle's. Luckily it is limited to the rooms where we keep the wood for the winter and it has nothing to do with Minou's home. Still we have to call for firemen's help. We have to get rid of all that water and then have builders mending the roof. I don't know how long it will take, it depends on the weather. Those people can't work on the roof if it goes on raining... Argh! I had to call a cattery and Minou will have to go tomorrow morning (poor thingie) and I don't know when she'll be coming home. She will have to probably stay there a whole fortnight!!! On my expenses, of course, because dad managed to get mad at me because Minou was an issue... As if she had caused the flood!!! lol my dad is fun! NOT!!! Anyway, just keep all your fingers crossed please that it won't pour down tonight and we won't need to call firemen in the night... Wet cheers...
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I am at home, ready with stationery and pens in front of me: plan for the afternoon is letter writing!!! I still have got four letters to reply before I can state I am all caught up! Doubt I will ever succeed, though, I seem to be a hopeless case.
I had to rewrite Nad's letter and this time I had to give up snail mail and to type something that was shorter than the original mail (that got lost, can you believe this bloody crap?!?! 2 letters to Nad got lost in less than 3 months!!! Aaaargh!!!) but I couldn't help it. I sent her this new mail via msn so that she can read something from me, after more than a month she's been waiting for my news. It is partly my fault because I was late, ok, but I couldn't imagine thore silly post office employees would have managed to lose one other letter!!! I decided I will photocopy each letter that I write from now on! At least I won't have to rewrite the whole, in case they lose something else... that I really hope won't be necessary!!!
I am on msn at the minute and hoped for Nad to be there still, but she's not and I am getting bothered...

Ricky and I had to slightly change our holiday plans, but if you see it with a Pollyanna-ish attitude (that's my fave one) it is better this new way. We're leaving Perugia on Sunday 27th and going to Salzburg first. Will sightsee all 28th and sleep again in Salzburg. On 29th we'll leave Austria to Germany and will have one whole day more to sightsee in Munich. We'd have had half day on 29th had we left from Lake Maggiore. We will go and visit Ricky's friend at the end of our hols, on 3rd Oct. and we'll come home from there that will only take us 5 hours. It sounds lots easier this other way. We had to change plans because the friend is home at the moment and won't be back to Lake Maggiore 'till Wednesday 30th. So, no way we can visit him there before! As I said, it is better and easier for us to visit him at the end of the hols so I am glad there's this change of plans. Ricky's booking our hotel in Salzburg at the moment and I am waiting for him to phone me as soon as he's donewith it.

I am reading The secret world of a shopaholic and I think Kinsella rocks! I adore Becky Bloomwood, even if (or probably just because) she is totally opposite than me!!! Lol I will definitely get its sequels...

The weather is awful. It's about to rain and it is bothering because we can't go to the park with Rolly. The poor thing is so bored! We did the second lesson of the training programme and our teacher is absolutely happy with our job. Rolly's a smart boy!!! I have always known that... I am a proud mommy! lol

Tonight I am going to the fair with Ricky, Ilaria and other friends... Just hope it won't rain cats and dogs! We will eat there and I am longing for a nutella pancake! Yum!!!  Or would it be better if I had an ice cream pancake... That's a dilemma!!! Lol

Awww! On the work field now! I got accepted for the civil service!!! Wooohooo!!! I am now working at the Church and from December on I will start a research on how sport is useful for kidsand teens education. I am all excited about it!!! 

Ok, Nad's come on msn... I will now have a chitchat while writing some letters. And here it comes the rain also... Awww! 

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I adore meme's and I stole this one from my bestfriend's journal!

1. What time did you get up this morning?
I woke at  7.35am. I had tonz of things that needed be done.

2. How do you like your steak?
medium I'd say.

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
Ice Age 3, it is not a proper film, still it has to go.

4. What is your favourite TV show?
Gilmore Girls.

5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
No doubts: LONDON!!!Or anyway, in England.

6. What did you have for breakfast?
black tea and a light vanilla snack.

7. What is your favourite cuisine?
Italian and Chinese.

8. What foods do you dislike?

9. Favourite Place to Eat?
wherever they cook pizza, please!

10. Favourite dressing?
vinegar, I am not much for dressings actually.

11.What kind of vehicle do you drive?
Fiat Punto.

12. What are your favourite clothes?
my Planet Hollywood London T-shirt and my Benetton jeans.Ah, and my Oxford University hoodie.

13. Where would you visit if you had the chance?

14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?
1/2 full.

15. Where would you want to retire?
England would be a dream come true.

16. Favourite time of day?
afternoon at the moment.

17. Where were you born?
in Perugia

18. What is your favourite sport to watch?
soccer and figure-skating.

19. Who do you think will not tag you back?

20. Person you expect to tag you back first?

21. Who are you most curious about their responses to this?
none's... I have already read Nad's.

22. Bird watcher?

23. Are you a morning person or a night person?
I'd say an afternoon one... lol

24. Do you have any pets?
An adorable dog, Rolly and a cat, Minou.

25. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share?
Nothing worth mentioning.

26. What did you want to be when you were little?
a teacher.

27. What is your best childhood memory?
mmm... can't think of any right now.

28. Are you a cat or dog person?
dog person, but thought I were a cat person till I lost Charlie and then met Rolly.

29. Are you married?

30. Always wear your seat belt?
of course.

31. Been in a car accident?

32. Any pet peeves?
not being friendly when I can't stand the person.

33. Favourite Pizza Toppings?
various cheeses and lots of them!

34. Favourite Flower?

35. Favorite ice cream?

36. Favourite fast food restaurant?
don't much like fast food from the day I watched Supersize me.

37. How many times did you fail your driver's test?
not once.

38. From whom did you get your last email?
still have to check.

39. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?
any bookshop would do.

40. Do anything spontaneous lately?
bought the nail polish.

41. Like your job?
working for parents?! nope, but it is ok at the moment.

42. Broccoli?
yes, please.

43. What was your favourite vacation?
London 2007.

44. Last person you went out to dinner with?

45. What are you listening to right now?
my mom moaning because of work.

46. What is your favourite colour?
any shade of blue.

47. How many tattoos do you have?

48. How many are you tagging for this quiz?

49. What time did you finish this quiz?

50. Coffee Drinker?
hard drinker.
muggleme: (deardiary)
  Today it was manic at work: dad -as always on these days- was shouting and was extremely nervous (that really didn't help mom working faster and better, let me tell you that!). He'd stand there by the entrance door of the "office" (if you can call this name a refurbished garage) giving orders and moaning that we were not good enough. He managed to blame me for not having printed the Christmas goodies catalogue yet. I was not lazy, but we simply haven't had time enough to do that. There are goodies from last year that are no more to put in the catalogue but I don't know what is to be included and what is to be taken off. Mom should be there helping me sorting goodies out and then I'd be able to do the actual job, that would mean saving old photos of goodies that are still available and take photos of new articles and then upload them and print the new pages of the catalogue. Well, I just seem to have found a useful way to cut dad's shouting out of my life: I just put my mind in a stand-by mode and I seem to succeed so far!!! I just can't understand how my mother can stand all of this!!! No wonder she needed a psy years ago! Dad is a great worker, mind you. But he's good in selling. He works hard, ok, but in my opinion mom does lots more than him on the business. She does all the accountant job that needs be done (and it can drive you crazy trust me!), she prepares orders and has to deal with firms to order stocks of goodies and then she also gets told off if something is undone or she sometimes makes a mistake here and there!!! Eeeek!!! When this all started dad had promised he'd have helped her assembling goodies and talking with firms but he no more does any of that. When  I make him notice that he stays there doing nothing he says he's actually doing something more important or that he's busy selling (I can't see how he can be busy on anything useful when he stays there still looking at us working!!!). Anyway, it was manic! Then as soon as dad left the office with the orders to deliver peace fell upon us and we noticed there was nothing much left to be done. I also went to bring some money to the bank, that was very fast and gave me time to browse a shop for a wallet (mine is no more of use) that I got at 40% off the original price. It is by Lonsdale and it is light blue that I really like. 

   In the last couple of days I thought lots of my future and came to 3 projects for myself:
- tomorrow I am sitting the interview for the social service, that I would do for the Church Ricky and I attend. It would last 12 months and I'd get 433€/ month for a 20-25 hours/week job. I am not sure our Church project will be approved, but I bet I'll find out withing the end of September. This service will mostly be on Fridays and Saturdays afternoons and on Sundays, so it won't take me from looking for another job.
- I'm applying for a course that our region is offering to 9 people (the cost of it would be of 1800€ pp but the region is paying it all so the people who get accepted will attend it completely for free!). At the end of the course - that consists of some 300 hrs of lessons and 400 hrs of professional training that gets paid 800€/month- it gives you a qualification as counsellor for immigrants. It would be too cool of a job! Only downside to it is that they'll value more people who have any certification that they know either French, Spanish or Arabian. And I have got none of them, but I hope this won't be too much of a fault for me when I am going to sit the entrance test.
- Last but not least, I thought of applying for another university course, this time to be a teacher for children. I would be a part-time student and I would be able to add another qualification to mine of social worker and it would open to me kindergartens and private primary schools and any social organizations that deals with children education. I had  a look  at the school programme and I noticed some of the exams I already sat during my previous degrees so I bet I'd have to sit less exams than other students to get the degree. I want to go and meet a tutor at the Education Faculty, but anyone I've said about my project so far has tried to put me off it. They say it would be a waste of money and time for me. I am not sure about though. 

   I'm slowly writing letters, have finished Outi's letter and am now going to write to Sarah. I am so sorry I've been so late with replies lately, but I often feel too upset about my future to write anything down. And I just go through the days doing nothing more than working and browsing some sites... Everything that would keep my mind far from serious thoughts...

   With Ricky things are slowly getting better, but not far than 2 evenings ago I was pretty rude to him and sort of refused him when he just wanted to pet me! Poor boy, he is so patient with me!!! I wonder why I sometimes feel this way with him. He's a sweetheart and sometimes way too patient with my moody self... that is of course my luck I bet! Today we're getting a chinese take away and we'll eat at my house (parents are away for the night). I also got some beers from Munich so that I will try to get used to them (at least to try and drink them without twisting my mouth too much with disgust! lol).

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