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 first of all they would of course say that I am a real bookworm! i have shelves full of books and my friend ilaria always says that visiting my room is like taking a tour of a library.. lol* this is of course my proud and joy!
you'd surely get it that i am an english geek, because half the books i own are in english. and you'd probably say that i am organized and tidy, because my books are ordered in descending order according to their height.. people would surely get it that i am omnivore, as i read anything.. as long as it is prose! they would get it that i rather buy paperbacks than hardcovers. of course you probably wouldn't get it why i do it.. i buy paperbacks because i love to live my books to the fullest, i bring them everywhere, bend the spine, turn the pages, read when eating, when in bed, when walking and even when at the loo.. :) and my books mustn't stay like new, but have to proudly show their owner's activity from their outside look. 
last but not least people would get it by taking a close look to my books that i am a compulsive shopping addict when it is about books! i own over 80 books to be read on my shelves, yet you can find new titles almost weekly if you come to my personal library! :)
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