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I know I've been silent for a life time and I know I owe you all a long update of what I've been up to in the last months, but I am afraid I won't be able to write it down today... Still I feel like writing, because I cannot just concentrate on text books and need to unwind and ... ain't writing the best way ever to do that?!? To me at least, it is!!!

I  have had lots happening to me lately and life's been on the stressful side lately. But I won't much complain. I try to look at it with the brightest smile and to keep my hopes high that it will get better soon for all of us.
Ok, in small words...

- First thing that put me down is that Ricky and Ilaria (for those of you who don't know it, my boyfriend and my best friend) are not on friendly terms. Well, story is complicated and I think I have no right to tell everyone about it in details, but since it hits me hard because I am caught in between them two I need to write about it. Ricky's mad at Ilaria and they have been going through this very weird period for something like a month. I have been crying about it, because it feels foolish that I cannot enjoy my boyfriend and my best friend together anymore, when I was doing so before... Of course things have changed a lot in the last months between us all and I think we've been changing a lot. I don't like that my life was messed up and it's not been the same since July 2009 when Carlo left to Kosovo. I know that Ricky's faithful to him, that he's been suffering about him and that he's missing his best friend (and to Ricky it counts a lot, since he's quite reserved and having a best friend to talk to isn't much Ricky-ish!). But I am caught in the middle and I am so sorry that Ila and Ricky are not friendly to eachother anymore. I just hope our lives will go back to more normal terms... Eventually. Ilaria is the best friend I've ever had who didn't live miles and miles away, it is something I'd never experienced before to have someone living in my same town who's so much understanding and who likes most things that I like and who talks to me about everything and whom I can say everything to... It would be such a shame if we got our friendship spoilt...

-Anyway, I am glad that this period is a (very) up time with Ricky. In one month time we'll be celebrating our 9th anniversary and we are going through a (teenie) I-am-deeply-madly-in-love-with-you period!!! lol* We text eachother tens of times a day, we feel butterflies in our bellies when together... Ain't it all perfect?!?! Yes, it is!!! And I am so thankful to have him in my life now and (hopefully) for a long time to come. Not that troubles will be over forever, not at all, but I am positive that we'll work them out together now and forever.

-Again a downside in my life... Uncle Marco. That man has the power to mess up our lives with the click of a finger! Booohoo him! He now came up asking for our summer house to be sold because he's short of some 75000€ in his bank account!!! WTF!?!? They've been going on talking for a couple months now, my parents suggesting agreements to him, that he kept refusing one after the other. At last they decided to sell the summer house (he wants an insanely high value to be put on it... That house is very old and in a not too fancy zone of the town so it will hardly be sold for more than 100000€ that is what my parents offered him to buy uncle's half of the house). Parents were at the summer house yesterday to see some dealers for work and before coming home they met an estate agent and put the house on the market. We all doubt it will be sold anytime soon anyway. But when they told us today morning (they were home past midnight yesterday and I was already sleeping) my sister had one of her tantrums. She spoke to mum in such a rude way... I would have slapped her hard had I been in mom's shoes!!!  WTF! No one is happy having to sell that house, but I can understand mom who isn't willing to turn her shoulders on her brother, as mean and stupid (no other words can describe uncle's behaviour better!) he is to us all. He won't accept any other agreement, then that house has to be sold. I cannot understand how my sister can be that mean to mom. She knows all about her depression and I think we should be a bit more supportive... I think uncle's making her suffer enough already and she doesn't need any more burden at the moment. But my sister won't care... Bah!

-Work wise I am not happiest about it. Well, not quite true, it depends on what place I am working at. I feel the best ever at the Youth Centre were all my friends are and I love to be there! I don't much see the point in wasting time at the CSI office though, but it has to be done so...

-I am now studying for a public examination that I'll sit on April 28th. I have quite much to learn by that date and too little time to do it all. But I must do it, it is my own future I am talking about. I will also start filling in cv's again and send them out soon. I need a job in December when I will be over with the civil service project.

-I am terribly behind with letter writing, I am actually not proceeding at all with it... It is a shame and I miss it so much!!! It feels not good that I am neglecting my pallies so much, but I cannot do otherwise, not with all the things I have to do and not with this not too high mood I am constantly on, thank to someone and something.

-Last but not least, Rolly and I started to attend canine obedience school. The teacher said Rolly is fit for the agility training and we'll think of it once he'll be fully trained. We're now doing the "fuss" and the "sitz" commands. He seems to understand, can't say he's happy to do both though. LOL*

I swear I will update again soon... Sooner than this time anyway!!!


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